The Japanese used truck which is popular in the world

If performance is good in the world, the Japanese car is famous.
However, it is a fact for some countries and local people to be an unattainable object with high quality.
In such countries, the demand for used car in particular becomes big.
In the used car exported for the world, a dust cart or the mixer car are included, too.
In an overseas destination, there may be much Japan which has seen the figure that a dust cart and a construction vehicle play an active part.
Then will there be really the demand for what kind of car?
For example, in the African countries called Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, the Congo, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, popularity gathers in the truck to carry baggage and a person.
In each country best 3, most are the types that a carrier becomes flat.
The maker name becomes the popular condition, too, but the used truck of various makers plays an active part.
The thing that a carrier became flat attracts popularity to carry a way of the undevelopment carrying a domestic animal for a long time in the African countries at baggage and person, time.
The price traded by a state of car varies, and there is a big difference, but is traded from around 3,000 U.S. dollars with the cheap thing.
The world puts high trust to the Japanese technique to still play an active part far in the far-off foreign ground across the sea even if it becomes "the used car".